ClearPoint Marketing Communications

New Client FAQ


We offer pricing that is fair and affordable for every budget.

Can you work with small budgets?

Absolutely. It’s much better to commit to a small budget and stick with it than to over-extend and not give it time to work. The bigger challenge is to figure out what will work exclusively for you. That’s why we like to take time up front. We want to help you find a budget affordable enough to commit to, yet big enough to do what you need it to do.

Can we cut costs by doing some things ourselves?

You can always find ways to cut costs, but the goal is to minimize costs without minimizing effectiveness. Sometimes finding the time and resources needed to do certain marketing projects on your own is harder than it seems, and it often doesn’t achieve the best results. However, we take pride in being a resourceful and flexible bunch, so we’re happy to step back on the things you know you can do on you own. Each situation is unique, and we will always work closely with you from the beginning to find the best way to maximize your money and time.

How much does it cost to work with ClearPoint?

We offer a wide range of projects based only on your needs, so the short answer to that is, “it depends.” Each situation is different, and we work hard to put together a program that costs no more than it needs to. We work to build a strategy that fits within your budget and accomplishes what you need. We don’t do cookie-cutter work, and we don’t cut corners. Therefore, we’re not cheap, but our prices are quite reasonable. The best way to find out about costs is to talk with us, let us learn about your situation, and find out what strategies we recommend.


We get to the heart of your marketing message and deliver real, trackable results.

Do you do any individual projects?

Yes. We work in a very broad scope and are always happy to help or take on single projects and ideas. It can often be more cost-effective and productive, however, to work together on an ongoing basis. Single projects are a great way to get to know each other, and although many of our ongoing clients started out with individual projects, we recognize that sometimes that’s all you need. If you’d like help with an upcoming project, give us a call. We’ll be glad to give you an estimate or share ideas.


With a wide range of expertise, our team is ready to tackle your next marketing project.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and types, with both B2B and B2C marketing, but we have a special affinity for small businesses, in large part because their resilience and adaptability are fertile ground for big ideas and strong partnerships. We’ve worked with startups as well as long-established companies and enjoy the challenges and unique needs of both. We also offer a wide range of industry expertise including retail, tourism, healthcare, financial, non-profit, and more—and are ready to work at any level, from a reliable agency partner, to your fully outsourced marketing department.

Do you farm out any of your services or do you do it all yourselves?

We’re a small team, but we do the work ourselves aside from extra-specialized web programming or in-depth qualitative or quantitative market research—and we work with established individuals and organizations for those, when needed. Over the years, we’ve developed many strong relationships with other industry professionals, and because we tailor each project to your specific goals and needs, there may be times when we consult or contract with one of them. However, all of our primary offerings – creative services, strategy, web design, public relations, social media and search marketing – are handled right here.