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Passing It On: The Power of Referrals

“Can anyone recommend a good landscaper?” “I need a plumber!“ “Do you know anyone who builds apps?” How often do you bump into questions like these? Friends and colleagues often ask for recommendations, and most of us are all too happy to jump in with a referral. On the flip side, when you find a […]

Back to Basics: 10 Easy Ways to Build Sales

In today’s digital world, it’s easy for a small business to get overwhelmed. There’s so much to keep up with, and many of the most critical marketing tactics require the help of a pro. But if you get back to basics, there are still lots of simple things you can do that are proven to boost […]

Want an Easy Way to Build Sales?

There you sit.  You’ve got credit card in hand, visions of a new widget burning in your mind, and you can’t get anyone to answer the phone at the store where you’re trying to place your order.  Are you a bit annoyed?  Frustrated?  Downright angry?  Are you considering calling another store – or even forgetting […]

Is Your Marketing Program Underperforming?

Just because you’ve relied on the same marketing strategies to drive your sales year after year doesn’t mean you can expect similar results in a down economy.  In fact, being complacent about your marketing program may be much more damaging to your business than it would be in a soft market.  So what can you […]

How to Increase Your Sales up to 35%

Want to increase your sales by up to 35%? Everyone does. If you think marketing is only catchy print ads and Super Bowl commercials – you’ve been watching too many rerun episodes of Bewitched. Marketing is anything you do that affects your customers. So, it makes sense that the appearance of your store is marketing.  Right?  […]

Inexpensive Ways to Build Your Sales in a Weak Economy

Find out what your customers really want. How? Ask them! This is the local store version of an Awareness, Attitude, and Usage study (AAU). Develop a list of questions that ask for information about your customers – how they rate your business and what they would do to make their visits with you better. Keep […]

Do You Have the Right Price/Value Relationship?

In this difficult economic climate even the most affluent customers are looking for bargains. At first glance that may seem to mean lower prices – but, in the final analysis, what it really translates to is value. Value is not in the price a customer pays, it’s in the benefit they receive. So, no matter […]

Improve Your Performance with Optimistic Action

No one can doubt that Winston Churchill faced some of the most tumultuous times in history. And, no matter what difficulties your business is facing now, it’s unlikely they are as insurmountable as the storms of World War II that faced the British Prime Minister. But, through all his periods of trial and doubt it […]

Your Best Opportunities Come From Your Current Customer Base!

“It costs less to keep a good customer than acquire a new one.” You’ve probably heard this since you opened your first business book—but have you really done anything about it? Consider these sobering facts: 20% of your customers provide 80% of your margin On average, 85% of margin comes from only four products More […]