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Rework. Repurpose. Recycle.

Website, newsletters, eblasts, social media. There are a whole whole lotta bases to cover these days, and coming up with fresh content can be a challenge. If you’re struggling to find new content, try repurposing what you have already. Three easy ways  to recycle include: Turn your FAQs in a blog: Do you have a Frequently […]

Quick Tip - Speedometer

Website Performance Tip: Check Your Speed

Have you clocked your website’s speed lately? If not, you might be missing out. In the online universe, speed counts. The faster a web page loads, the better the user experience. And the better the user experience, the greater the likelihood you’ll convert visitors into customers. Research shows that 40% of shoppers won’t wait more […]

Content Marketing 101

Content marketing is one of the biggest marketing trends for 2015. How to master it? Isn’t all marketing really content marketing? Yes, but to use your content effectively, it’s best to establish some order and direction. Follow these four basic guidelines and you’ll be off to good start in the new year: Use an array […]

Follow Up

Got a killer website that traps bunches of leads? Great! But do you turn those leads into paying customers?  If your conversion rates aren’t what they should be, maybe you’re not following up enough. Research shows that the majority of customers don’t make a purchase until they’ve had at least 5-6 contacts with a company. […]

Successful Texting

When business is slow, you might have merchandise to move, a special event to publicize, or a new product or service you need to promote, an opt-in text marketing campaign can be a very effective digital marketing tool. Here are some tips for doing it well: 1.    Make it short, specific, and very targeted. “Strapless red slippers […]

Two Social Media Tips You Can’t Do Without

How can you get the most out of social media for your business or organization?  A big question.  While lots of factors are important, here are our top two tips:   1.  Make sure your content is high quality, relevant, and engaging. 2.  Re-purpose your content.  Use it again in different formats and on other […]

Marketing Research Made Easy

Need some research data, but don’t think you can afford it?  Basic information isn’t as expensive as you think!  One of the simplest and most economical ways of generating research data is to conduct an in-house customer survey. Customer surveys provide basic demographic data and allow your customers to provide limited but specific input on […]

3 Ways to Make Your Social Media More Effective

Looking to increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing? It’s all too easy to get bogged down in statistics and how-to’s, so we think it’s good now and then to step and look at the basics. Focus on these three tips and you’ll find your social media becomes much more effective: Go Where Your Customers Go: Develop […]

Why it’s Important to Optimize Your Site for Mobile

Smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices are being used by more and more consumers, so it’s important to make sure they have a flawless experience when they visit your site.  In a recent national study, 58% of mobile device users said that they expect sites to download as quickly as they would on their home […]

Take Advantage Of Down Time

Everywhere we go lately, we hear business owners and managers saying that things are slow.  Obviously, that’s not a good thing – but, you can squeeze something positive out of this negative if you use these slow periods to your advantage.  When it’s slack, work with your team to improve operations and customer service.  Have […]