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Note says "Proofread carefully to see if you any words out"

Top 5 Proofreading Tips

In William Safire’s delightful book Fumblerules: A Lighthearted Guide to Grammar and Good Usage, he illustrates each of his basic rules with a statement that clearly violates the rule—such as “Don’t use no double negatives” or “The passive voice should be avoided.” The section on the importance of proofreading begins with the obviously unproofed sentence above. Proofreading is […]

Content Marketing 101

Content marketing is one of the biggest marketing trends for 2015. How to master it? Isn’t all marketing really content marketing? Yes, but to use your content effectively, it’s best to establish some order and direction. Follow these four basic guidelines and you’ll be off to good start in the new year: Use an array […]

Photo of a woman reading a website on a laptop

Making the Most of Your Website

With over 400 million websites to compete for your readers’ attention, what can you do to keep them around? Here are four simple tips that carry a lot of weight. 1. Focus on the main message. The reality is that your online audience is still only focusing on one thing at a time. So, even though […]

Photo of a baby with pen and paper

Why Copywriting Matters

Writing your own ad isn’t that difficult—right? Easy enough, a child could do it. Besides, you know your products better than anyone. And it doesn’t take a genius to put some words on paper. Right? But if that’s true, then why aren’t your ads working? It could be because you’re talking about the features of your […]

Improve Your Web Content with Five Easy Steps

In the agency business we regularly get asked by clients, “What’s wrong with my site?  I did keyword research, I put those keywords into the content, I paid for search engine marketing – so why are visitors leaving?” If your website isn’t doing a great job at attracting the right visitors or converting them into […]

Two Social Media Tips You Can’t Do Without

How can you get the most out of social media for your business or organization?  A big question.  While lots of factors are important, here are our top two tips:   1.  Make sure your content is high quality, relevant, and engaging. 2.  Re-purpose your content.  Use it again in different formats and on other […]