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Reaching Your Target Through Direct Mail

It’s one of the most effective forms of “getting the word out”.  It has one of the highest return rates of any kind of marketing.  It can be targeted directly to your target audience in any geographic area you choose.  It can be surgically crafted to elicit a response.  And you can easily and accurately […]

MarketLine is here!

Welcome to MarketLine! We’re excited to bring our marketing resource to a blog platform. Here you’ll find all the past articles and tips from our monthly e-newsletter. We hope this format will allow for discussion and provide an easy-to-access resource. We look forward to hearing your thoughts! – Your friends at ClearPoint

Out of Home Advertising 101

Have you ever thought about using outdoor advertising – you know, those billboards that dot the highways and grab the attention of thousands of motorists every day? Have you wondered how to set up a contract, choose the right colors, or develop effective copy and create an attention-getting design?

Three Easy Ways To Save Money On Print Advertising

In a soft economy, it’s more important than ever to market efficiently – to spend the least amount of money and get the largest return on your investment. So consider these money-saving tips when buying print advertising: 1. Buy zoned newspaper advertising instead of a full run. If you don’t need to reach customers in […]

Biggest Mistake Small Business Owners Make When Writing Their Own Ads

Writing your own ad isn’t that difficult – right? After all, you know your products better than anyone. And, it doesn’t take a genius to put some words on paper. That’s obvious. Just read some of the ads out there. They don’t even use proper grammar. If that’s true, then why aren’t your ads working? […]

The ABCs Of Succeeding In a Down Economy

  When the going gets tough, the tough get back to fundamentals. Forget the frills. What is most important for your business now? Is it moving you toward where you want to be? When it’s time to get back to basics with your business and marketing strategy, it’s time to remember your ABCs: A – ACTION. Take action […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media

Writers periodically love to generate lists of “deadly sins” of various aspects of marketing. Small wonder, since there are so many temptations to take shortcuts and do it wrong. But we’ve resisted the temptation—until now. Despite all the many ways to use social media for enhancing your brand image, building your customer base, and improving sales, we’ve […]

Social Media Statistics Every Business Should Know About

Social media is becoming increasingly important for businesses, but where should you start? As with all marketing, the best starting point is always to map out a strategy. With social media, your strategy should incorporate the very different—and rapidly changing—statistics about who’s using what. Currently we see the following: Only 5% of Americans use Twitter, while […]

10 Basic Strategies For Increasing Website Traffic

There are lots of tools available these days for getting more people to visit your website. Some are high-tech, some are expensive, and some require the services of an agency or specialized marketing professional. But there are also several basic strategies nearly any business can follow that are sure to boost website traffic. Here’s a list of our […]

Inexpensive Ways to Build Your Sales in a Weak Economy

Find out what your customers really want. How? Ask them! This is the local store version of an Awareness, Attitude, and Usage study (AAU). Develop a list of questions that ask for information about your customers – how they rate your business and what they would do to make their visits with you better. Keep […]