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10 Basic Strategies For Increasing Website Traffic

There are lots of tools available these days for getting more people to visit your website. Some are high-tech, some are expensive, and some require the services of an agency or specialized marketing professional. But there are also several basic strategies nearly any business can follow that are sure to boost website traffic. Here’s a list of our […]

Inexpensive Ways to Build Your Sales in a Weak Economy

Find out what your customers really want. How? Ask them! This is the local store version of an Awareness, Attitude, and Usage study (AAU). Develop a list of questions that ask for information about your customers – how they rate your business and what they would do to make their visits with you better. Keep […]

Surfing the Internet Can Make Your Workers More Productive!

Okay, believe it or not, a new study by the University of Melbourne’s Department of Management and Marketing found that surfing the Internet for fun in the office increases productivity by nine percent. Dr. Brent Coker, who authored the study, suggested that “People need to zone out for a bit to get back their concentration.” […]