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When Saying No to New Business is Good Business

Have you ever turned down new business? If a prospective customer is asking for something beyond your means to deliver, or if your instinct just says ‘no,’ it’s probably best to let it pass.

Separating Your Business from the Competition

Understand the true value of a client.  Most businesses view a new customer as a single sale. But when they do that they underestimate the true lifetime value of their clients. If your average sale for a client is $100 and that client makes a purchase six times a year, that’s $600. Now, assume that […]

Keeping It Personal

Social media is the hottest thing since the web was created and most of us use it personally.  In fact, you’re using a form of it right now.  So, it stands to reason that your business would profit from being involved with this new phenomenon – right? Well, yeah…maybe.  Social media is important to businesses of […]